Technology and production

We elaborate projects applying the latest technologies in digital printing, laser cutting, machining (milling), pad printing, transfer etc. In many cases, the success of production lies in the correct initial approach. Years of experience allow us to advice our clients and thus obtain the best results. Every client is unique.

Digital printing
Although we can print on any size, we focus on medium and large scale printing. The latter is offered for both rigid and flexible materials. Our typical clients in this area of business are advertising agencies, audiovisual studios, interior designers, event managers, galleries, stage designers and photographers. Our machines allow for printing on a wide range of supports, such as acrylic, polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), PVC, wood, MDF, metal, canvas, crystal, different fabrics etc. We opt for innovation, acquiring machines that print in up to 1200dpi resolution to offer the best quality service.

Laser cutting
This machine offers multiple applications, among others cutting, boring and engraving. It may be configured to produce engraved copies of any kind on almost any material. This contributes to:

  • Lowering costs by maximizing the utilization of material.
  • The cut edge does not require any further treatment nor cleaning. It gives a perfect finish and superb look.
  • It allows diverse forms, even very complex ones, since it cuts in any direction and is computer driven.

It doesn´t require changing tools since it is a very fast process. The laser beam doesn´t wear during the process. This increases the efficiency and precision of production and reduces lead times.

Milling machine
We put at your disposal our milling machine to cover all your company´s needs, with option for 3D machining, associated with the most expensive high-tech production centers.

This machine is designed for a great number of applications and is a perfect solution for clients that look for high quality and distinctiveness of their products. It is very accurate with a smooth cut, giving a perfect finish for your product. It may execute numerous designs and since changing models is fast and easy, it is used for urgent or diversified orders.

Tap printing and transfer Tap printing enables printing images on non flat objects, such as orbed, square, concave surfaces and different textures. This technique is essential for promotional marketing (pens, lighters, USB drives, electronic devices etc.) With heat transfer we apply complete artworks in full color so that they are perfectly engraved on fabrics or flexible materials. This is a simple but efficient low cost method suitable for both small and big quantities.