Point of Sale Advertising


Advertising at point of sale adds value to the brand image. It is vital for the communication of the company with its clients, irrespective of the nature of conducted business. In ADORNOS we specialize in POS advertising products (mainly for Food and Drink industries), Merchandising and Decoration elements (both for individual clients and companies). How do we differ from our competitors?

In ADORNOS we manufacture. Thanks to overall control of the production process we obtain shorter lead times, we augment the quality of our articles for points of purchase, we apply innovations and optimize packing for safe shipping.

We create ideas and design. We generate prototypes in a wide range of products, personalized with diverse printing techniques, transfer, mechanical trimming, laser cutting and folding materials such as wood, polystyrene, PET, PTG, dibond, crystal, acrylics and all kinds of flexible materials.

We export to all countries in Europe. For our clients in countries such as United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and others we strive everyday to keep high standards and invest in the most advanced technologies in our industry. We attend trade fair and are members of PSI Düsseldorf.

In ADORNOS we have a specialized Import Department in order to offer comprehensive services to our clients. One of our objectives is being competitive by keeping prices down. That is why in case of some products, usually metallic or ceramic, we consult our Asian partners. The Import Department monitors the selection of suppliers from South-East Asia, controls the artwork submission, the production and delivery to our warehouses. Quality certificates, inspections and our on-site agent allow us to meet the expected standards.