Before making our products we need to approach to stages: first, our technical department designs the product’s concept for, after that and thanks to our equipment, make ir a reality. If can’t decide wich model or design will suit your brand better, our experimented team of designers will help you with that and our purchase deparment will choose the best material.


Marketing and design

Our Technical Office, boasts creative staff that design the most original and unique products. We work on the ideas expressed and delivered by the client preparing projects on request or develop our own concepts in line with market demand.

All our products can de delivered in individual packaging, in common packaging or as kits of various complementary products. Since every element can be personalized, we can target our work at direct marketing for event organization, trade fairs or street marketing activities and we can supply unique items that would turn the event into an unforgettable experience.

Even though we are highly specialized in POS advertising of products and merchandising, we also provide complementary services related to Art and Decoration. We provide for recognized professionals in window dressing, visual merchandising, we work for commercial interior contracts, art exhibitions and interior designers. We do not forget about private clients who enjoy decoration and art and we attend them through our website